„Pain is weakness
leaving the body“

pain is weakness that
leaves the body








Harry Adams - Ihr Personal Fitness Coach

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If these points apply to you,
you are in the right place at DRILLnDOC!


Your Harry Adams

Personal Fitness Coach with a focus on mental coach and nutrition coach



Need a personal trainer with a lot of discipline, who - of course
is adapted to your abilities and requirements - with a training
plan where you decide when and where to train.
Your personal trainer will always picks you up exactly where
you are. Whether at home, in the office or decide to train



Do you want to feel fit and flexible again, but

you can not do it all alone?



Or do you feel momentarily impulsive, demotivated

and looking for a great deal of motivation

on sport as well as on a personal level?



I would describe myself as a very disciplined personal coach who enjoys working hard  on his goals. At DRILL n DOC, we will work together to set realistic and achievable goals that will be reached after a certain amount of time.


I will assist you to your goals and regularly check your athletic results to adjust the training plan if necessary. Through many years of experience in this area, I know exactly what problems and obstacles you have to fight on the way to the desired weight. You have to trust me. For me, you are not just a Client, but first and foremost a human being.


After training with me I guarantee 100% satisfaction and well-being!



"Pain is weakness leaving the body" (pain is weakness that leaves the body).

The unpleasant part of the effort later turns into something positive. In a fit body and in a balanced and contented soul.


You must be prepared to make an effort to achieve your goals and to see success.

Do not give up if it gets difficult. Keep going until it hurts your muscles and then a little more.


If you want to lose weight, you have to change the diet. We will adjust your diet to you personally.


Your body and mind will be rewarded for this work!

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