„Pain is weakness
leaving the body“

pain is weakness that
leaves the body








Harry Adams - Ihr Personal Fitness Coach

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Personal Fitness Coach with a focus

Mental coach and nutrition coach

A personal training is probably one of the best investments in

and for yourself. Many people tend to have intentions that are in

Connection with an event, for example, the begining of the year

they will automatically starts something new. Every day can be a
new year to start something.

You really don't need January 1st to make changes. Start now.




You do not need new year to fulfill your goals and wishes.

Every day of the year is worth a fresh start close.




Many people sign up at the gym, even though they do

after a short time, after a while everything about gym is forgotten.
While there are people who don't do some exercises on the devices correctly, so the desired

Training effect can not be achieved.


If you have me as your personal trainer at your side, I will be able to do it even on days with the least motivation to do sports or get physically in motion, to move. I will motivate you and keep showing you the success you have achieved so far and, above all, the goals yet to come.


No matter who and how old you are and no matter which physical and mental conditions you start with me: I would like to accompany you in your development and always be at your side, if you wish.


Take a look at the offer tab to get a first impression. You are very welcome to contact me to make individual inquiries and arrangements.



Exercise and a balanced diet as well as mental satisfaction is the most important thing in life. When you combine these three areas, you have the opportunity and the likelihood of living a long, happy, contented and, above all, healthy life.


"Pain is weakness leaving the body" (pain is weakness that leaves the body).

The unpleasant part of the effort later turns into something positive. In a fit body and in a balanced and contented soul.


You must be prepared to make an effort to achieve your goals and to see success.

Do not give up if it gets difficult. Keep going until it hurts your muscles and then a little more.



If you want to lose weight, you have to change the diet. We adjust your diet to you personally.

Your body and mind will be rewarded for this work!




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Your Harry Adams