„Pain is weakness
leaving the body“

pain is weakness that
leaves the body








Harry Adams - Ihr Personal Fitness Coach

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DRILLnDOC: Mental Coach


Mental coaching requires individual, regular and time-limited coaching in order to achieve your goals and secure the lasting effect.

It requires special skills and techniques to be a good mentor.

Mental trainers have valuable experiences and life lessons that they can pass on to people.

The best mentors recognize this and avoid telling people what to do. It is my job to give the instructions and not drive the car.


Our brain is 3-part:

We have the cerebrum, chemical brain and brain stem.

When we think, evaluate, perceive, or feel something, we automatically respond to what we mean: neutral, negative, or positive. This evaluation run off lightning fast in the subconscious.

Our chemical brain is the mind in which we rate something positive or negative. When we feel something as a burden, the same thing happens automatically, of course in a negative or positive sense.

Our chemical brain creates a mix of negative hormones and passes the instructions on to the glands via the brainstem. It comes to hormone output. The result of this is that we are under stress, are afraid, feel bad, listless, to the point of physical symptoms and reactions.

Our performance potential will not be developed. We are even partially paralyzed and unable to do anything. The ability to properly listen to people is a skill that not everyone has.

Mental  coaches also need to know the difference between leaving your comfort zone and taking unnecessary risks.

I still have a lot to tell, but to show how to behave is the best of everything.

I always remember to keep an eye on the interests of other peoples.



Before the mental coaching with DnD

  • unmotivated
  • shiftless
  • stressed out
  • bad memory
  • disoriented
  • listlessness
  • See  work as a burden
  • unrelated
  • inoperative / weak





After the mental coaching training with DnD

  • fully motivated
  • full of energy
  • calm and balanced
  • good memory
  • purposeful action
  • See  work as a challenge
  • relationship capable
  • powerful and strong.



"Pain is weakness leaving the body" (pain is weakness that leaves the body).

The unpleasant part of the effort later turns into something positive. In a fit body and in a balanced and contented soul.


You must be prepared to make an effort to achieve your goals and to see success. Do not give up if it gets difficult. Keep going until it hurts your muscles and then a little more.


Your body and mind will be rewarded for this work!



As a mental coach I will accompany and support you until you reach your goals. If you feel comfortable in your body, you will gain even more self-confidence. Your situation will change on a physical, emotional and mental level. Trust is the basis for our cooperation. That means you have to open up. A trusting, personal relationship is very important to me and is the key to success.


Harry Adams